Mutigrain Banana Porridge - Milupa 10 Months Plus

Skills like learning to chew will help to develop your baby's mouth muscles, which is vital in the development of speech. Give them some tasty practice at any time of the day. This tasty Multigrain Banana Porridge with Cornflakes is sure to make chewing tasty and enjoyable for your little one. All of our yummy Milupa cereals have no added sugar or salt* as well as no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives!

Nutritional Information (per 100g dry product)

Nutritional ValuePer 100g (dry product)
Energy (Kj)372 kcal | 1504 kJ
Fat2.1 g
of which sugars*6.7 g
Fibre9.5 g
Salt*0.01 g
Thiamin (vitamin B1)0.84 mg

*Contains naturally occuring sugar and sodium.

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