Banana Apple Strawberry Bedtime - Milupa 10 Months Plus

Milupa Banana, Apple & Strawberry Bedtime contains a mixture of milk, mixed cereals including wheat, oat, rye, millet, rice and buckwheat to help your little one discover a world of flavours and grains. This cereal contains Iron to support normal cognitive development, Calcium which is needed for normal growth and development of bones and Vitamin D which supports the normal function of the immune system. It contains no added sugar or salt*. This means, it’s not only tasty, but can help provide your baby with key nutrients as part of a varied weaning diet. Milupa is tailored for little tummies every step of the weaning journey

Nutritional Information (per 100g dry product)

Typical Value% LRV per 25g**
Energy (Kj)1803 kcal | 429 kj
Fat11.9 g
of which saturated
2.8 g
Carbohydrates60.6 g
of which sugars*28.8 g
Fibre6.1 g
Protein16.4 g
Salt*0.29 g
Vitamin A420 mcg26
Vitamin D37.4 mcg19
Vitamin E8.7 mg 
Vitamin C44 mg44
Thiamin (vitamin B1)1.2 mg22
Biotin24 mcg 
Calcium506 mg32
Iron8.3 mg35
Iodine88 mcg31

*Contains naturally occurring sugar and salt only.

**%Labelling Reference Value per 25g portion of dry cereal

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