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Milupa Cereals

Our yummy Milupa Cereals are Tailored for Little Tummies through every step in the weaning journey. Our Milupa Cereals contain no added sugar or salt* and no added flavourings, colours or preservatives.

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Exciting flavours

We have exciting flavours to ensure the best progression possible in both taste and texture for your little one! See our product pages for the full range.
*Contains naturally occurring sugars and sodium only. 

Weaning Stages

Weaning, or introducing your baby solids, happens in 3 steps - beginning at stage 1 and progressing to stage 2 and then stage 3. During your baby's weaning journey, it's important to introduce them to a range of flavours and textures.
The textures in Milupa cereals are Tailored for Little Tummies at every stage of the weaning journey, all the way up to one year. 

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4+ months

Stage one

You can enjoy the excitement of your baby’s first step into the world of solids, with our delicious 4-6 months cereal range

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6+ months

Stage two

When your baby is ready to try new tastes and textures, why not introduce them to one of our delicious, nutritious 6+ months cereals?

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10+ months

Stage three

Learning to chew will help develop your babies speech, and since there is nothing more exciting than their first words - why not try our tailored for 10+ months cereal with crispy bits perfect for chewing?